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The value of a Partner

In the voiceover business, we often refer to our customers as “clients.”  That’s a totally acceptable term shared by many industries.  In my view, though, I prefer to think of my clients more as partners.  Why?

Two main reasons, as I see it.  First, and frankly, we are both in business to make money.  When someone hires me to do a voiceover for them, they are going to ultimately use my product to increase their revenues (or those of their client.)  So, we are partners in business – both helping each other to, well, earn a living.
Second, and more important I think, I view myself as a partner on their project team.  When I’m hired for a job, I take ownership of that job – just as if I was in the office or studio with them, accountable to the same standards, deadlines, bosses, and the like.  It’s important to me that my client knows that I’m on their team, and can be depended upon to see the project though.  I never want to become one more thing that they have to manage!  It’s an attitude that I think they appreciate.  They tell me so.
On the other hand, I came across this interesting blog by voice actor J. Christopher Dunn which contains a warning on what happens when you take these relationships for granted!

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