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She didn’t expect a thing…

Looking for a unique and uber-romantic way to propose to your sweetie?  This guy takes the cake.  But one thing that made his Cupid-like caper work was great copywriting for voiceover.
In this scenario, the movie trailer VO performer takes the target audience (in this case, the unsuspecting bride to be) on a path AWAY from the ultimate destination – thus perfectly completing the disguise of what was to become the moment she would never forget and gush about for years.
Sometimes voiceover performance scores big with a direct message approach.  But often, it hits a home run by the going the opposite way!
  • This is just awesome. LOL!

    Nice work all around, and for wonderful reasons.

    Funny thing…if I tried this, my biggest obstacle would be getting my wife to come see the movie. She hates action flicks. LOL!



    May 16, 2011

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