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New York is full of books!

Here I am in NYC, the sun came back out, and I’ve met a lot of amazing people at the Audio Publishers Association Conference and Book Expo America this week!  One word that seems to be a central theme is “content.”  Everyone is looking for the best way to deliver content of all kinds to consumers.  Printed books are alive and well, of course.  The other major categories are eBooks and audiobooks.  Guess which one is my favorite?

But seriously, I was quite surprised by some of innovative ways that content will be delivered in the future.  It seems like every other person on the convention floor has an iPad!  
One thing that will never change, however, is that all of this “content” is really just all about the ancient art of storytelling.  Any narrator that can skillfully lift an author’s vision off the page and tell a good story will always be in demand.

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