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Voiceover coaching? Yes!

I heard a story one time about a guy who was super into bicycle racing.  He wasn’t a professional racer, just a darn good amateur – very serious about his hobby.  Not surprisingly, one of his heroes was Lance Armstrong.  Well one day at a bicycling convention, he’s walking along and bumps right into Armstrong himself.  After an excited handshake, the man started telling Lance all about his bikes, racing experiences, his favorite equipment, and the like.  His genuine passion for competitive cycling was obvious…so much so that Lance Armstrong began to view his excited fan as a peer.  This was made evident by Lance’s first question.

“So, who’s your coach?”  The man had an expensive bike, the finest gear, and even a few trophies…but a coach?  Who needs a coach?  Apparently Lance Armstrong does.

I’ve found in my profession that the same thing is true.  Why?  Because anyone who is proficient enough to be a professional in their field cares enough to hire one.  No one ever knows it all!  True professionals are always committed to constant growth and improvement.  And a good, competent coach is the best way to do that.  Pros know.  That’s why their first question is almost always, “Who’s your coach?”

My coach is the best (of course I am biased) – Nancy Wolfson of Braintracks Audio in Los Angeles.  Not only has she taught me a ton about how to be a better, more effective performer, but she also keeps me “tuned up” along the way.  She’s a critical – and indispensable – link in my professional chain.


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