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Archive for July, 2011


“The Resurrection of Nat Turner” is here!

It’s now available everywhere audiobooks are sold – both in-store and online!

Oasis Audio

Barnes & Noble



The question I get the most about audiobooks

Here it is: “Hey John, do you have to pre-read a book before you go into the booth to record it?”

A: YES!  If I were cast in a play, I would never go rehearse a scene by cold-reading the script!  In kind, I always* pre-study the book, several times in fact, with a different focus each time.  I make notes about plot, characters, setting, culture, linguistics, etc.  Also, I always try and see if I can answer an important question for myself: Why did the author write this book?  If I can zero-in on that, it makes it much easier to get inside the author’s head as I perform their work.
* ‘Always,’ in this case, means “if at all possible.”  I mean, let’s face it – there are times when the project deadline is so tight (a matter of days) that several pre-reads are not possible or practical.  So, as everyone does in the real world, we do what we can.  But without a doubt, the best, most professional policy is study, study, study – THEN record!

We’re on the same team, after all

My friend and fellow voice actor Rick Lance “The Voice of Americana” just posted a brilliant list of 6 things that clients can do to make their VO projects faster, smoother, and happier!  After all, when the project is underway, deadline is set, and money is on the line, we are all on the same project team!  Thanks, Rick, for the great post!